This thing called life

I remember after quitting where I used to work, life was unbearable. Not that I was fired or something. No, I had reached my breaking point. Fortunately, everyone has it. That point where no matter what calls to be resilient, you just have to let go.

I got referred to someone who was starting off writing gigs. I clearly have this one on top of my head, it involved sourcing local newsworthy stories then publishing the stories on a website.

One hot afternoon, I walked to the soon to be offices and met the owner.
He had big aspirations, gladly our ambitions were in sync. The two of us were ready to hold life by the scruff of its neck.

He professed to me how much this thing was going to grow in leaps and bounds. He needed a creative person, more like a person with a streaming cesspool of ideas. I am glad he saw that in me.

So how was he going to pay me?

The only source of income was revenue from the paid ads we were going to have. Though in it’s nascent stage it was half convincing. If we make enough from the ads he’d pay for the small office space and also reward us for our efforts.

The other side of the coin, ads meant getting space where were we going to get willing buyers for ad space for an online news site that was yet to publish its first story?
Well, he advised we’d target small enterprises, shops, butcheries, the restaurants.
I had my doubts but I never let them cloud my head.

This was an unknown, brief case idea that two people who passionately loved churning news pieces were going to storm the market.

All I had in my small backpack were articles I had written , together with opinion and editorial articles I did during that period. This was my lifeline. To date I have kept them because they remind me of my life struggles. Story for another day.

As we sat down with the repair works going on, my host went through the pieces I had carried. I anticipated a vigorous interview process. Here we were having a friendly conversation. I was anxious as he went through the articles. Every writer has such moments when you get a sweaty feeling all over you.

He appreciated my writing and told me I was the kind of person he’s been looking for. For me that was a big deal. We spoke for close to an hour. I can’t remember everything we said.

The only thing I remember was I was to start reporting to that office the next day. I wasn’t really excited about it because I knew it wasn’t really what would propel me to my big dreams.

We parted ways and I walked back home. Sorry I should say to the house. It’s not a house by your standards. I lived in those servant houses built by retirees or people who had been sold the houses at the lowest prices. It was a mabati. On a hot day you would get cooked, cold days would make you shudder why life is so cruel?

My mom had been worried about me. When I told her I was going to quit my previous job, she was sceptical with my choice and decision. Yes, she was worried and scared because I was her last born. Don’t throw that mama’s boy at me. Maternal instinct should be appreciated. Like a lioness protecting her cubs until they grow old enough to leave the den and the pride, that’s what mother’s love compare to.

I opened the door and walked into the small room that was my humble abode for close to two years.
Everything I owned was strewn on the floor. It was not cluttered, I was in a hurry to go see the guy we were to start the news site with.

This small room reminds me of the anguish and self questioning I’ve had. There was this girl I was seeing after campus. She had insisted on seeing where I live. Every time I had to come up with a lie that I wasn’t going to be around.

One Sunday, she told me if she doesn’t see where I live she would call it quits. So I agreed to have her come around the next day. I cleaned up the place. To me it looked prim and proper to stay in.

When I went to pick her she mentioned that I had lost considerable weight. “Si umekonda! ” she blurted out. For all my life, I had lived with the fact that I was thin and looked sickish. People made jokes about it.
But coming from someone I cherished this gave me excruciating pain. It didn’t happen on the day she came through but in the evening when she spelt it out that she felt I had no ambition.

How could I prove her wrong? Ten years later, I learnt this girl was looking for a reason to drop me. Damn, she did!

I slept early, expecting to go to my place of work. I arrived earlier than usual. Many people see it as a bad habit, but I think it’s the best pace setting act. I always make sure I come in early for the first months of reporting to work.

As I sat waiting for my partner to show up, I grabbed a newspaper from the reception.

The old lady at the reception was uneasy, she looked like the type you don’t start a conversation with. This guy was taking too long to arrive as promised. It was half past eight. Maybe he was stuck in traffic. Knowing this city, there wasn’t much traffic unless those big trucks heading to Busia had unwittingly blocked the road.

Nine o’clock. Still no sign of the guy. I didn’t have enough airtime to call so I had to use the Okoa jahazi service. Those guys at the Green headquarters gave me ten bob.

Calling the guy, his phone was not going through. The purported office was still locked. The cleaner’s weren’t even bothered to clean that section.

Thoughts started running in my head. I decided not to take it seriously, maybe he would show up.
I returned the newspaper to the reception. Something was insistently asking me to speak to the old lady. She might have information that would save me time.

Wewe kijana umekuwa ukigoja nani hapa? she asked. Sitting idle in Kenya is usually suspicious because everyone in the vicinity considers that you are upto no good.

I told her, pointing at one of the small offices being renovated, I was waiting for someone who had promised me we’d meet in the same place.

She gave me a stun look, looks similar to when your girlfriend asks you, Who is Quinter?

For the umpteenth time, this space, the one you are pointing to was leased out to a forex bureau.

She told me as she confirmed the gasp look on my face. I quickly rushed out of the building with all manner of thoughts. I had been played or I had played myself.

Somehow my hopes had risen and always ebbed away. All those dreams never happened. I guess the two of us had a moment of ecstasy. Such is life.


Image courtesy of Pexel |Cottonbro

It’s 6.00 in the morning. I am awake, not that I am hangovered or anything.

I have been awakened by two drunk fellas who must have imbibed so much overnight. They are singing as the loud music drowses their off key vocals.

I don’t have any hard feelings for people who drink. After all drinking was a social thing in the African culture. Everyone knows an uncle who drunk himself to a stupor .

I know one old man who fought in the second world war. After having his fill, he would gather his grandchildren and mount a parade reminiscing what he did in Burma.

Upto this day, I miss this old man. He had captivating stories. He was a signal operator in the army. That’s like a communications person or thereabout.

This story is not about war. Yes, it’s close to it as you will find out later.

Back to the plot. There was this pretty belle I had noticed in campus. She must have been in her second year. Man… she had this beautiful eyes and a singsong voice. The way she swayed her hips was like a work of art. Maybe her parents gave her lessons on how to be enticing!

At first I thought she was a Luhya girl. But her skin complexion confirmed she wasn’t. She was light skinned, if you for any reason Kenya Power switched off the lights while you were eating you would still continue because she illuminated the light. She is what you would call radiant.

Every time I saw her among her friends chatting and giggling I would feel some excruciating pain. Thick sweat would run down my spine. I always loved catching a glimpse of her. She was easy on the eyes.

My friends had reprimanded me for not taking up the chance to speak to her. Not that I didn’t want to. I was this sort of guy who was shy, words would escape me when I needed them most. Flatly I was boring. The last time I went out with some girl. She blocked me! All I remember was that I bored her to death. “Being with you was like watching paint dry” she texted.

That was like a double edged sword searing through my ribs. No man ever wants to have his ego shredded like she did to me.

I started searching online for information on how to impress women, what not to say among others. This made me even more nervous and judgemental about myself.

Where would I get the courage to tell this beautiful woman that I felt different about her ?

Damn! I was ready to marry her! I had even thought about how my last name would sound added to hers.

Let me confess the only time I heard one of her friends call her name, she called her Olympia.

My friends gassed me. Every time they saw her they’d bring me reports of having seen her in the corridors. They were making me feel even better, telling me about ‘my woman’

I was ready to simp for her. Like literally I would topple this government if she’d have commanded me.

On the fateful day, fateful because it’s the day my world came crumbling down. I wasn’t in the know that my crush would show up at this local eatery that we frequented.

Although hygienically it wasn’t one of those places you could go to, our pockets dictated it. Here we got simple meals for as little as 50 bob.
Chapo beans was equally the most popular meal here. We’d all walk in have your favourite dish and call it a day. A bizarre reason I loved this place is that they’d give you a toothpick no matter what you had had.

I ordered six chapatis. You heard me. As we sat down to eat, my crush walked in to the unbelievable sight. You know the way simps work.

We love way too quickly and make assumptions. My friend who is a psychologist tells me it’s called love bombing.

Like you have fallen in love, created scenarios in your mind. Building castles in the air – is the right word for it.

The voices in my head were so insistent. Talk to her Don! That flash of whatever happens let it happen got the better part of me.

Thank goodness there was no space to sit. I asked my friend to excuse himself and gave him some money as a token of appreciation for his generous act. That’s a bro code right there!

She sat down with her plate of chicken and ugali. The quantity was a bit less. Okay, let’s all agree some ladies eat light. I don’t know about all.

God forbid I still had my six chapos. I watched this beautiful girl eat her food. She dexteriosly used the spoon, tearing the chicken in the most sophisticated way. She wasn’t in a hurry.

I was developing cold feet. Honestly, I was also getting bored of myself.

She glanced at my plate, my six chapos were down to five. Ain’t you going to eat? You are waiting for someone?

I retorted that I was OK. Let me tell you I actually blamed the weather. Down there at the equator, there is too much heat.

I don’t know what came over me. I introduced myself and the conversation kept going. We spoke like we had met before and knew each other so well.

I swear the devil was misleading me. As we continued canvassing I noticed she was a bit uneasy. She kept on looking at her phone and texting back.
Whoever she was texting must have been fairly important.

She stepped out of eatery. My eyes escorted her to the doorstep like a pervert eyes.

When she came back, this burly and dark guy was holding her on the waist

I almost chocked on the food. I literally heard the voices in my head scream, ‘batten down the hatches!

She pointed towards my direction. Hell no, this man is not sitting down next to me and my crush.

I briskly walked out of the eatery. Disappointed with the happenings. My romantic fairy tale ended as soon as it had begun.

Love at the turn

Where did you meet?
This is one of the questions couple’s always give different answers to. Should we call it versions? I can not remember where I met this beautiful lady. All I remember was I had been dismissed from my job.

I used to work for a radio station. When we launched, we were the big kahuna. We shook the industry through our imitable programming.

I was a radio producer for our breakfast show. Waking up early in the morning was a routine I had gotten used to.

After the show we’d sit down and review our show and see what to tweak. We would then grab breakfast as we catch up with life.

The first year, we raked in good audience numbers. Every advertiser and agencies wanted to work with us. We were the go to kinda team, precisely a Mr Fix it.

Two years later , things started going down hill. One of the presenters was poached. He moved to another station. He was the force that held together our team. This was going to be a tough phase to pull through.

Working with the remaining presenter turned into a fight. We could not agree on ideas. We always fought over petty things like adverts not running according to the script.

Not running ads was not only unprofessional but also a bad reputation for the business.

One morning after our show, we were called to the station manager’s office. She was a no nonsense lady who meant business. It was rare for her to call anyone to her office. On this day, it could only mean one thing. There was something. Anxiety, panic started catching up with me.

When you have not been giving your best and the results don’t show it either being called by your boss isn’t something you look forward to.

Our boss was seated waiting for us. It seems all her life she had been waiting for this moment.

She was wearing a power suit. Her face was bright from the makeup that covered her face.
She adjusted her glasses and for a minute she stopped staring at the computer screen.

We sat down. At this moment I was shitting bricks. What was it that couldn’t wait another day?

“Gentlemen and lady, thank you for availing yourself on short notice. I have called you here to discuss an urgent matter. Maybe this might be new for you, I want to highlight that we have really gone down with our ratings, this has raised concerns amongst the top managers “

Exactly at that point I had a hint of where this was heading. I really didn’t care to listen further allowing the boss lady to continue her rumble.

The only thing I heard, we were being let go. We weren’t given a soft landing. What she was saying was that we were sacked.
After handing us the letter of dismissal we didn’t even have time to talk to each other. It was every man for himself. That’s how life is fashioned.

I grabbed all my belongings, everyone was wondering what was going on but I ignored everything around me.

I got home still feeling like the world had come crashing down on me.
This is like those riches to rags stories. From being a top radio producer to just that man in the street.

In my country when you lose your job it’s akin to losing your dignity. You basically live every single day like it’s going to be the last. You will move out of your current apartment to a cheaper place where your pockets are comfortable.

You lose interest in everything and anyone, get withdrawn from the world. Didn’t you hear half of your friends will avoid you. At that point, you have borrowed money from half of your friends, failed to pay.

You can only watch your friendships going down ninepins.
A lot of people will say karma has caught up with you. Some will advise you to seek divine intervention. The last bunch will offer you drinks, hard drugs to numb off the pain.

Drugs really work in the short term, but the effects are long lasting. It’s much more painful than just allowing the pain to reach you.

Two things happened, I decided not to wallow in pain and misery. I reached out to my inner man and clenched my fist promising myself that I would get up. Literally, I amped myself out of the constant thinking of loss and what I am going to do.

The new neighbourhood was calm and everyone minded their own business. Apart from the usual good morning salutations there was no much interaction between us.

I loved it that way. I really didn’t need people getting into my space.

Story continues in part 2

No resolutions,just flow.

The last day of the year is here. There are no words to completely describe 2020.

This has been the year of turbulence, uncertainty and a pandemics. In comparison, the only year that comes to mind is 1999.

During that year, there was anxiety as the new millennium was approaching. From conspiracies about the end of the world, Y2K bug which would affect computer systems, it’s comes second to 2020.

If you were to go back in time, a lot of things happened within the year. It’s been the longest year to say the least.

Globally, the world lost public figures like Kobe Bryant, Diego Maradona. Closer home, this year saw the demise of one of the longest serving Presidents Daniel Arap Moi.

The Corona virus pandemic clouded a better of this year.

Scary moments when people were dropping dead in ninepins across the country. Covid has blatantly refused to go away.

By now you must be reviewing your list of resolutions. Your achievements, failures and things you need to improve.

Plans to go back to school and complete that masters. Change jobs, start a side hustle aside from the 9 to 5 job.

Probably, this was the year you were going to move to a bigger house because of the family. Got that development loan or utilized your savings to build a new house.

Kudos to you if you were able to knock off all resolutions on your list.

For a start, on a personal level I usually suck at resolutions. Well, I love a short list of things to do. I don’t want to call them resolutions. Just things I randomly want to see happening in my life.

Things like decluttering my space, deleting old files, emails any reminders that bring up bad memories.

I think people overstretch themselves when it comes to setting up goals for the year. Just a tweak of few things around you can fix you to do better.

Managing time comes top of the list. Time is resource that allows you to achieve most of your goals. A particular time dictates what needs to be done. Selfishly use it to your own advantage.

After the experience of 2020, sometimes our plans are just plans. The man above has the authority to make them come true. Plan but know that God has the final say.

Don’t beat yourself up for not being the best person. Every day you have 24 hours to make a difference. Believe in yourself and your are half the way.

2021 is up for grabs. This is the year to reflect on your life. Fix yourself, go to the the gym, eat right, read more books to gain knowledge.


You know when you are in mashinani there is no hurry.
Everyone is taking their sweet time. Here there is no traffic jam unless someone ‘big’ visits.

This is Oyugis. How can I describe her?
If she was a woman, she would be the quiet type. She’s nondescript until you get to talk to her. Made of that red soil, her curves makes up for her lack of face. Whatever that means.

This is home, this is where my story began. It’s where you can find me strolling in shorts and slippers. It’s home to many of you struggling in the concrete jungle.

Yes, there are many over there. Sweet home will never reject you. Always welcoming you back with warm hands.

Remember the biblical story of the prodigal son, who after ‘enjoyment’ found solace in his father’s house?

That’s what going back home feels like.

In this part of the world, you are most likely to hear men and women canvassing in Luo.

The thrills of bargaining

Oyugis Town.

Things have changed so much. The last time I was here, damnit, wearing a mask was unheard of.

The results of devolution though not salient, you will notice, new roads, quality not up to standards.


From right, Aspenas Morumbwa, Lucy Nduta and The late Harry Kabetsha in studio.

The year is 1996, Kenya’s premiere FM station 101.9 Metro Fm is launched.

The station whose tag line was The Power is in the music was a source of entertainment for the young up to the around 2003 when it was rebranded to a 24 -hour reggae station.

At a time when YouTube or even the internet wasn’t a thing, listening to radio was one of the best ways to pass time.

The original Metro FM was the best FM station to ever have existed in Kenya.

With exciting programs and highly talented on air personalities the likes of Tony Msalame, Dan Oloo, Anthony Okonji, Nduta Lucy, Gorety Apondi, Kajuju Kaburia, Greg Mureyi , Harry Kabecha, Mr Shaq, Aspenas Morumbwa, Yunia Amunga, Jeff Muya, Bill Odidi, among others.Image Courtesy

No radio station can match this pioneer station.

This is a listicle of the radio shows.

Morning Express. Remember Peninah Karibe. She started her stint on radio with this breakfast show

Afristars. Rhumba or lingala was a common music genre in the 90s. The age of Kwasa Kwasa, Ndombolo ya Solo. This show was the mid morning show hosted by Bonnie Odinga, Yunia Amunga and the late Harry Kabetsha. Harry was from Congo and was a close contact for any Congolese superstar who wanted to perform in Kenya.

Afternoon Switch. Nonini in his song featuring Lady Bee titled Kumbuka mentions Unaeza kumbuka Metro saa sita?

Dan Oloo is a household name when it comes to supporting Kenyan music. Hip hop, ragga and a dose of Kenyan music always played on this show. Remember Jawabu, Geed Ruff and Maich Black Sababu Yako, Ogopa and Calif stables each enjoyed airplay on this show.

Power Surge The drive time show was more of relaxing music and soul music the likes of Thriller by Michael Jackson. Occasionally hosted by Ann Lemaiyan and Bonnie Odinga once in a while.

Jam Connection. This was a mix of everything for the evening hosted by Jeff Muya.

Love Zone In the 90s, smooth and sensational Rhythm and Blues was a great way to end what might have been a busy day.

What’s the weekend without the Saturday crew or The Tony Msalame productions?

If there is any radio presenter who was versatile and all round in music selection that man would be the late Tony Msalame.

At 9.00 o’clock he would be playing Stomp by Kirk Franklin, Emachichi who crossed over to the world of gospel and gave memorable hit songs. At eleven he would be playing jazz, RnB, name it. I guess this era, music knowledge was an important part of hiring radio presenters.

The Chic Show hosted by Sandra Ndonye playing music from female artistes. Content was mainly for the female folk.

Then as always the Big Fish Mr Shaq or Papa Shark would hit the airwaves with the Hittin up styles show. Kenneth Kibi, Bafu Chafu were regular appearances on the show. Listener’s would call in to show case their rap skills.

Shekki Leggy with Tony Msalame would be the crescendo of a Saturday.

Here’s a recollection of Tony Msalame links. Might not be accurate as have been paraphrased by this writer.

From the high seas of the Indian Ocean to the lake side city of Kisumu.. tunavuka Uganda, Jinja mukyala balungi.
Kisumu ber. Kisumu dala, Kisumu pacho, Karibu Shekki Leggy, Kericho ndani ya Shekki Leggy, Nakuru iko kitu, Nairobi city, city in the sun ndani ya Metro, Machakos.. Wimuseo? Voi,  kwasinda mana?

Mombasa, karibu Shekki Leggy usilete kazi kwa mchezo.”

Together with Anthony Okonji aka Professor this show remains one of the most exciting and popular radio shows in the country.

Jabulani. Ann Lemaiyan together with MK at least this is how he’d introduce himself was all about Mzansi. Music from the South from maestros like Dr Victor, Brenda Fassie, Caiph Semenya, Chico, Bongo maffin, Jeff Mafuleke, among others.

MK by the way is the veteran broadcaster. David Makali.

Lingala High Definition Aspenas Morumbwa on Sunday evenings would usher you to the new week.

30s and what not!

Thirty is the new twenty depending on how you look at it. When you hit 30 years, life starts to get better or worse.

You know why? To escape the pain, the fact that everything you have cherished and planned to have is now not near your reach.

At this point, you already have say three years or four years into employment if you are lucky. For those who luck isn’t on their side, it’s a excruciating point, you ask yourself, what are you doing wrong? This is also the moment you zealously ask yourself ‘where did time go?

To kill off some of life’s reality, you might find yourself in the deep doing drugs or any addictive thing to kill off your sorrow.

For some success starts to show, promotions at the work place, new house, marriage if you are lucky. Yes, lucky because in the 21st century getting married is an achievement, rather staying married is.

Anyone who is still young, probably in their 20s, this is the time to learn a new skill to earn money . Once you establish a skill things will be much easier. Today’s world is brutal, no one cares where you come from all the world wants to see is what do you have to deliver.

Be meticulous and shrewd in your job or work. It’s really rewarding to give your best. That’s how you are going to grow. The workplace is full of politics and gossip. To wade through, do your own business. Remember, those posters we had in school? OK, if your school never had one, check this, “Do what brought you here”

This should be your mantra. Remember you will be bogged down, there are days you will feel like quitting. That’s life. All this makes living interesting. Imagine if everything around was perfect, it would be boring because you will be constantly be in the same space.

When you hit your late 20s, your friends start disappearing, your circle becomes small. It’s not because no one finds you a good friend, no. Everyone is trying to get their life together.

New dad’s, mom’s don’t not even have time to catch up with old friends. If life has given you a beating, there is a tendency to avoid people and social places. This inadvertently happens. We feel downtrodden to the core.

In summary, as the Kenyan slang denotes, at 30 there’s a likelihood of ‘kuomoka’ I am not promising that it will happen but you should have room for accepting, what if it doesn’t.

Covid Normal

I don’t know where to start from…After months of slacking off, I oddly felt the need to write. My hands have been itching. Feels like those sultry RnB albums artistes release after a breakup.

Thing is, we all had major plans for 2020, my last blog post was around December. My resolutions were to be consistent with the writing gig. I think you can still achieve your resolutions somehow.

Treat it this situation like a 90 minute football game. You know what they say, ” It’s not over until the fat lady sings”

Lord ! We have mentioned the word Corona more than anything else!

It’s a cliché .

Remember when we made memes and jokes that blacks were stronger and not susceptible . That the virus would catch only whites people[sic]

I hope that’s not racist. Look at Kenya, we are hitting, almost hitting the 20,000th mark case load. That is scary isn’t it?

A year that looked beautiful and promising like a lady you are meeting for the first time on a date.

Draped in the finest clothes, accentuating her figure. You can literally trace her curves. Her smile is enthralling. Her voice is mellow.

She is well endowed not less not more. Get the drift? I digress, no one saw this coming.

This year turned out to be a nightmare. Everything changed rapidly . Human interaction has been impacted.

Social gatherings that brought people together is highly discouraged to prevent spreading the disease.

Our nascent economy has been hit hard leaving scores of people without any source of income. Bread winners have been forced to leave the city and go up country at least until things get better.

If you are still having your job, no pay cut and enjoy the trappings of your position, give it your best.

Protocols, bare minimums, keep distance, all kind of “new words’ now make up part of our daily conversations.

The paradigm shift in communication couldn’t have come at a better time. Video conference meetings now connects employees from different locations. At least no more person to person meetings for your boss to reprimand you.

Hand-washing which should have been a norm eons is now the savior.

It’s crystal clear washing of hands is something we’ve never been consistent just like my blog.

As we wait for things to get better, I really hope one day we start reporting zero cases.

Our country being a theatre of absurdities a lot of things can happen after I put a full stop to this sentence.

As you adjust to the new normal you finally appreciate the things you have taken for granted.

Announcement, “Time and freedom are the new status symbols not money”

This is the best time to be close to your family. To be strong and fight off all dark thoughts.

Mental health is crucial because this is the moment anxieties are triggered. Moods can be flipped in a matter of time.

In a world where speaking to people is akin to creating digital content, word of advice, talk to someone who understands and can confide in.

Looking forward to seeing you learn something new with all the spare time.

Adieu 2019


2019 is a unique year, it’s the end of a decade giving way to a new one. Ask any Kenyan, we have been through turbulent times and even moments of joy. We all are elated to make the crossover.

Lots of thanks to the Most High, I know my peers who joined the good institution of marriage, got kids, new jobs, flew overseas to dare abroad.  Congratulations to everyone!

If you are going through shit, I may not know how you feel but fuck nothing lasts forever. Commiserations to everyone who lost their loved one in the year. There is a reason why people get plucked off from the universe.

I don’t know what the future holds, what I am sure of 2020 holds 365 opportunities go gerrem!

Thank yourself for being a good person.

Happy New Year.


Lessons at 27

Only lessons.As I turned 27 a week ago this is what I came to realise after twenty seven on the planet.

1. You will always have those moments when you feel like you are finished

2. There are friends then there are true friends

3. They say money 💵 doesn’t mean anything WRONG with no money

you are nobody. Your opinions don’t even matter

4. There are people who hate us for no reason

5. Stop cheating yourself with these inspiration quotes they are just quotes. Motivation is from self.

6. We all have our breaking point don’t cross it.

7. Love is complicated.

8. Read more there is knowledge out there

9. People will credit themselves for helping when the only contribution was ” it will be fine”

10. Family is the best thing that one can have.

11. Sarcastic but true there are women who just like being around people for no reason

12. Work is not the real life. Career is overrated.

13. You friends will make progress while you’re still struggling to find yourself.

14. If you have never experienced discrimination in your country that day is coming.

15. Time will never be enough. It works against us.

16. Finding someone trustworthy is a hard task.

17. Don’t be bitter about life one day you are down the next you are king

18. No one wants a lazy person

19. If you take life serious you will always get hurt.

20. Sometimes pretend to listen, that’s all you can do sometimes.

21. The future is the most hyperbolic expression it’s here now.

22. People will use you to get what they want

23. Love someone, love reaps wonderful things if nurtured

24. Pray . Someone is listening

25. Don’t complain about your life there are people who have it rough

26. You don’t live once, everyday defines your life story.

27. Only death is certain. Live your life don’t even care about the bullshit

I wrote here!

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